By Admin on June 23, 2015

Three professional musicians and old-time friends got together for a rare tribute concert to the legendary ‘70s prog-rock superstars: Emerson, Lake & Palmer. A true event, where EL&P’s music is joined by videos, photos, and even clothes and a Persian carpet!


The "3 C "

“Welcome back my friends “ is not just only the title of the famous Live Concert of Emerson Lake & Palmer, but also wants to be the welcome we would give to all our friends who are here to share with us this project tribute of the Best "Progressive Rock" group that have shaped the history of the music of the 70s. Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer made it possible, with a formula that maybe even they themselves understood at the time that extraordinary mix that brought together rock music with many of the works of classical music known perhaps only to an audience more reserved. We introduce ourselves just so 'as we naturally do”. Marcello Colò, Corrado Canonici and Alessandro Carlini ... Keith Emerson himself has called this band “3C” from their surnames (Colo’, Canonici & Carlini) The only message " 3 C " would share , in both hands, we had first of all the luck of the gift of music and further lucky 'cause we work with the music and for the music. Thank you very much indeed Keith Emerson, Greg Lake & Carl Palmer !! Thanks from all of us!